Kris Gethin is one of the most well-known names in the fitness industry. His career has spanned muscle building, shredding fat, endurance events, and implementing unique methods to keep himself in peak condition. Kris isn’t afraid to try something new, and loves the fitness industry for its constant evolution, creating the need to experiment with your body. However, Gethin also knows that there calls a time for consistency, which is why he has outlined these four crucial foods for bulking, especially on a tight budget.

1. Oats

Oats, or oatmeal as the Americans call it, is the most cost-effective breakfast option available to you. It’s dense in fibre, complex carbs, and a great carb base for you to mix a host of things with it. For example, you can add egg whites, or whole eggs, into your oats; whey protein for a tasty breakfast; or casein protein for a carb-packed desert.

As a vegan alternative, you can add nut butter to your oats, as they are an incredible source of healthy fats and protein. If you are hesitant about the fats, remember that these fats are good for you, as they regulate hormone levels, optimise hormone production, and bump up your calories, if you are looking to build muscle.

2. Rice cakes

Rice cakes have, unfortunately, become famous with people trying to lose weight, and are currently marketed as ‘weight-loss foods’. However, in reality, all they are is a good, clean source of carbs (which is why it is good for weight-loss) that you can use to grow as well. They are convenient, and you can pair them almost any growth food under the sun.

A good example is, again, nut butter, because the combination provides healthy fats, carbs, and protein, in healthy doses. You could also add some natural preserves to the butter for some sweetness but avoid jams with too much sugar. If you are feeling savoury, you can shred some chicken breast with a small dose of mayonnaise and spread that over your rice cakes.

3. Canned Fish

Tuna is probably the most popular budget protein source, considering it the most nutrient-packed ‘processed’ food available. Canned tuna has minimal processing to it, where the additions of salt water or oil are the only preservatives added. While they’re an incredible protein option, be careful not to overdo it, because there are concerns of mercury level.

If you want to be really posh with your canned goods, you can opt for wild-caught canned salmon, which will also bump up those healthy fats. For a tasty meal, you can add some wild or jasmine rice, with a sprinkling of rice or fish spice and a dash of lemon juice.

4. Dried fruits and nuts

Meals are not the only thing you can use to grow; tasty snacks are a great addition to dull the boredom of repeating meals all day. Dried fruits and nuts make an excellent source of healthy fats, protein, and carbs, and are convenient so you can keep them handy for when you are peckish between meals.


If you have a busy schedule, these can be a life-saver for the car or whenever you need a quick chomp. The best options to go for would be almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, and even macadamia nuts if you want to spoil yourself. Just make sure to keep your sugar levels in check, the dried fruits can catch up quickly.

When looking to add mass, you don’t have to shovel tonnes of chicken and beef down your gut to grow. Use these options above to expand your menu every day and keep your wallet feeling pretty full.

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