Are you looking to improve your physique? Or maybe you are looking to step on to the fitness stage Well, here are a few lessons we can learn from fitness competitors.

1. Reset your mind

Becoming a fitness competitor requires copious amounts hard work, discipline and dedication. They have programmed their minds to accomplish their goals no matter what. This means putting your game face on and getting to it.

No Excuses

They don’t make excuses and look for reasons to have a cheat meal or skip the gym.


They are persistent and most of all, they are consistent. So how do you reset your mind to think like a fitness competitor? First off, you need to set your goal and focus on it. Start to think like a robot that needs to do complete a task.

Control Your Emotions

Don’t let your emotions or feelings get in the way. You need to block out any thoughts that are not beneficial to you completing the task at hand. Moods, motivation and cravings come and go; so train hard, eat clean irrespective of any outside conditions.


Secondly, you need to be prepared at all times. Ever heard the saying “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. One of the most difficult, and crucial, aspects of fitness is nutrition.

Preparing your food in advance, always having your next meal on hand and making sure that if outside variables change, you have a back-up plan to get in that much-needed nutrients will put you on the fast track to reaching your goals.

2. Don’t waste your ammo

Conservative Decisions

You only have so much ammo that you can fire at your fat loss. So don’t go out with all guns blazing, instead, fight the war on fat loss conservatively.

By this I mean don’t use numerous strategies or go all out on one strategy. A fitness competitor wouldn’t drastically slash calories, go flat out on cardio, take fat burners and eliminate carbs months prior to the comp. They would rather focus on one aspect and when progress slows, they would only then incorporate another strategy.

For example, they may start off by gradually decreasing their calorie intake, and when progress slows, they may decrease it further. After this, they may include a fat burner or up cardio intensity slightly. Going all out from day one will definitely help you to lose weight initially, but when progress halts, you’ll have nothing left in your arsenal to throw at it, making it difficult to continue to lose weight.

3. Protect what you build

Adding on lean muscle mass is a laborious task. This is the reason that fitness competitors fight tooth and nail to keep every ounce of muscle they have gained in off season. Their main focus is to expose this muscle and create maximum definition. Losing muscle mass while trying to lose weight must be kept to a minimum in order to get a truly aesthetic physique.


They find a happy medium where they are able to maintain muscle whilst losing fat. So how do you do it? Continue to push heavy weight in the gym and keep the carbs. These are usually the first two things that change when people are trying to lose weight.


Be patient as this takes time. Losing fat slowly will ensure that you’ll be able to keep that hard-earned muscle and in the long run, get that rock-hard physique you’ve been working towards.

Cheat cleverly

Most fitness competitors have a different outlook on cheat meals. Some have cheat meals throughout their competition prep whilst others cut them completely. They either eat foods or skip certain foods deliberately.

This is generally to make sure they don’t consume an overabundance of calories or to help reboot metabolism. So if you are going to cheat, keep it scheduled, under control and make sure it fits into your daily calorie requirements.

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