Whether you talk about the gym with love and affection or intense dislike, finding the right one is an important albeit costly lifestyle investment, so make it worth your while.


Regardless of how nice the facility is, even motivated gym goers will find excuses to miss their sessions if they have had a long day, made longer by the inconvenience of rush hour traffic and travelling costs! So consider gym facilities that are as close as possible to your home or office and leave your excuses behind.


Safety first, always. Does the gym do regular maintenance and checkups on the equipment? Worn out/broken equipment is dangerous and inconvenient.



  • Are they from the dinosaur era or keeping up with the latest fitness trends?
  • Does the gym sport a variety of machines suitable to your needs?
  • Ensure you check the conditions of the cables, attachments, straps, seats and monitors.


  • Make sure that the dumbbell rack is tidy
  • Make sure that it has the range of weights that you need and that there are multiple sets of the same weight available


  • Can you cool down and stretch without being bumped into after your workout?
  • Are the workout stations easily accessible, organized and well-spaced?


Make sure that finding a place to park won’t cut into your gym time!


When signing a contract, don’t be bullied into paying for extra’s that you don’t need and don’t sign a long term agreement just in case! A facility that has its member’s best interests at heart will not be excessively overcrowded. The best way to suss this out is to visit the facility during the hour that you want to sign up for. Specialized population gyms have become quite popular for women and the elderly so if you are uncomfortable in a mixed gender gym setting, do some research on the gyms that are available in your area.


Everyone has a unique preference. Be sure to inquire about the facilities’ business hours and if they operate on public holidays, etc. Depending on how dedicated you are, you should opt for a gym that is open most days of the year.


Does the gym offer in-house services such as personal training, nutrition counseling, spa facilities or a juice/snack bar? If yes, this doubles the convenience factor especially if you need advice and motivation from a nutrition expert/trainer.


Check the state of bathrooms and locker rooms. This gives a good indication of the level of hygiene in the rest of the gym facility – often, wet wipes and anti-bacterial sprays are provided for patrons to wipe down equipment after use.


Make sure that the staff are certified and capable of assisting you professionally. Rude trainers are off-putting and can damage instead of build your self-esteem.


You should feel secure and focused on your fitness goals! Is the facility well ventilated, well lit and conducive to exercise? Do you feel relaxed instead of annoyed after your session? A great gym environment could be the difference between failure and success!


It’s always advisable to compare membership fees and services offered by the gyms in your area. Some are affiliated with supplement or clothing brands and others offer package deals for couples and students. You may even be lucky enough to have additional freebies with your membership!

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