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We all want to belong to something. We choose gyms based on those who espouse the same values that we do; we use supplements based on the same principle; every part of our lives is governed by the idea of wanting to belong. Think about it: which watch do you wear, phone do you use, petrol station you fill up at; these may seem like insignificant choices made every day but they do have a subliminal underlying factor: the need to belong.

Throughout human history, there has always been one thing, above all others, that we wish to belong to, a family. Family doesn’t need to be blood or be legally related, or even a friendship; it is the idea of being a part of like-minded individuals that share a common dream or goal, or even just similar sense of values and opinions.

Here at CHROME, we want to be a part of your family, and we want you to be a part of ours. Now, you can be! By joining the CHROME Loyalty Reward Programme, you can be a bona fide member of the CHROME family.

What are the benefits?
  • Discounted pricing on all products which aren't on special
  • A FREE shaker to represent your clan
  • Exclusive access to certain specials

More so than this, you will receive a sense of belonging. We all share a passion for the fitness lifestyle and we want to help you in any way that we can.

What will you need?
  • To visit your nearest CHROME store (in-store only)
  • R99 for your Loyalty Card and FREE shaker
  • To remember that this does not apply to the online store

The only question left is: what are you waiting for? Enjoy your fitness journey with a sense of belonging to something greater than us all with the CHROME Loyalty Rewards Programme.

Click here to find your nearest CHROME store.

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