No matter how disciplined you are, when your training career hits a low, it becomes hard to stay focused and to achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. This often happens when we hit a plateau and don’t see any progress for all the hard work we have put in.

From this point on, our training becomes sloppy and lazy, and our diet goes out the window. So how do we get back on track? Well, here are 4 ways to stay disciplined.

Take a break

Taking a break doesn’t mean taking a day off, instead, try taking a week off. At this point, you may be thinking ‘but I’m not making progress now, taking a week off would only take me a step back’.

However, taking a week off every few months not only allows an over-trained body to recuperate, but also allows a stale mind to reset as well. Often, when we have been pushing hard for long and our body is over-worked, we start to a lack of drive to train.

Taking a week off is the perfect remedy. In addition to this, mixing things up helps to ‘shock’ our body into producing results again.

You can learn more on rest days by viewing our article on “Importance of Rest Days”

Re-examine your goals

Everyone has a goal when it comes to their training. If they didn’t, then they would have no reason to start in the first place. If you are feeling demotivated, then ask yourself: Why am I doing this? What do I want to achieve? When do I want to achieve it by? And most importantly, how am I going to achieve it?

Once you have answered these four questions, you will have a reason, a goal, a time-frame and a method of how you are going to achieve it. From there, you can plan exactly what is required to make your dream a reality. Formulating this plan, will revive your drive and have you rearing and ready to go.

The one thing I would suggest incorporating into this plan, to keep the drive alive, is milestones. Don’t just have the end result as the goal, instead, set small, medium and large milestones for you to achieve and have a reward for reaching each one.

For example, a small milestone may be a cheat meal, for a medium a new pair of training shoes and a large milestone may be a weekend getaway to the coast for some rest and relaxation. Smaller milestones are easier to achieve and will help you press on through those tough days.

Set Challenges

Besides setting milestones, set challenges for yourself which help you to get the most out of your training. Because our bodies become familiar and complacent with a program, we need to constantly find new ways to challenge ourselves in order to progress.

No matter who you are, there is always a way in which you can improve. Whether it be form, mindset or execution; choose the weakest aspect of your training and hammer it until you make this weakness a strong point.


No matter what aspect of fitness you participate in, competing will bring a whole new level of focus and discipline to your regime. Pitting yourself against your peers in a competition is a great way to push your training intensity to the max.

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