Have you ever heard the saying ‘couples that train together remain together’? Well, according to recent scientific studies this anecdote is actually true. Not just that, studies have also found that training with a partner can enhance results as opposed to training alone.

According to researchers, exercising with your spouse or significant other releases an increased level of endorphins which enhances your training experience as well as performance. Training together can also lead to a healthier, happier relationship as it helps to build trust, increase accountability, enhances enjoyment and makes everything more fun all round.

Here are just a few of the relationship benefits of training together.


In a healthy, strong relationship it is necessary to be able to depend on your partner. Knowing that they will always be there for you and stick to their word increases trust and stability in the relationship.

Having the same goal, whether in life or in your fitness journey, helps to enhance a feeling of shared responsibility that will help give you the drive to push through difficulties and obstacles. By working out with your spouse, you will be less inclined to skip workouts or to take it easy in the gym as you will feel accountable to your partner.


If you have ever been in a long-term relationship, you will know that communication is key to building a lasting, solid foundation. Communication helps you to deal with conflict and resolve miscommunications before they get out of hand and destroy the relationship.

Interpersonal communication is a skill that is learned through dealing with stressful situations, and what better environment to practice this than in the gym? While training is often an outlet for frustration, when training at high intensities and pushing your limits, training can be a rather stressful situation. By training together you can assist your partner by helping to push them to train harder and to provide feedback with regards to the use of proper form. These are two elements that if not addressed with support, patience and understanding can lead to a breakdown in communication. So challenge yourself and your partner to improve these characteristics by hitting an intense training session together.


One of the most prominent components of love is through emotional connection. This promotes a higher level of intimacy, trust and security with your spouse or significant other. If emotional connection is weakened, conflict and miscommunications often start to arise.

According to research, one way to naturally reinforce emotional connection is through non-verbal mimicry. Mimicry, which often occurs in close relationships, is when people begin to adopt their spouse’s posture and behaviours. As strange as it may sound, non-verbal mimicry has been shown to bolster emotional connections.

By training simultaneously, you immediately begin to coordinate your movements and actions with your partner. By working together to achieve a shared goal and by offering reciprocal encouragement, training together can significantly reinforce emotional connection and improve intimacy.

Psychological studies have shown that individuals who partake in physical exercise with a partner report feeling more satisfied with the relationship and more in love with their significant other.


Between juggling work, kids, friends and day to day tasks of the modern life, there is often little time to spend bonding with your partner and just enjoying time together. By training together you will be able to spend time bonding over a common goal and enjoy one another’s company in the process. Even if you are unable to talk during your workout, just having your partner by your side more hours in a day can make a huge difference to your relationship.

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